Circle in svg defines a circle based on a given radius and a center. SvgDreams library has a class for defining a circle.
$circleObj = new Circle("circle_1");
   $circleObj->radius = 25;
   $circleObj->centerX = 30;
   $circleObj->centerY = 30;
   $circleObj->fill = "#3b5998";
   $circleObj->stroke = "black";
Circle in pendulum animation. To understand the animation, you can find the codes in shapes_circle_0.php.
Circles with opacity go in random paths, you can find the codes in shapes_circle_2.php.


public function setCoordinates($cx, $cy)
Sets the center values of the circle
$cx, $cy: center of the circle.
public function setRadius($radius)
Sets the radius of the SVG shape. Equal to setting $this->radius value.
$radius is the radius value of the circle
function __construct($itemId)
Constructor of the ellipse class needs an id for the ellipse element. We suggest you to define a unique ID.

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