AnimateTransform animates a transformation attribute over time. You can control translation, scale, rotation and skew using the methods of this class. Here's a sample AnimateTransform object code which scales an element in 5 seconds.
$animateTransform = new AnimateTransform();
   $animateTransform->duration = "5s";
   $animateTransform->begin = "0";
   $animateTransform->end = "5s";
   $animateTransform->scale(0.1, 1);
In the following example, a star shaped polygon scales:


public function rotate($fromAngle, $toAngle)
Rotates an element from the given angle to the target angle.
$fromAngle, $toAngle are the begining and final angles for the rotate animation.
public function scale($fromScale, $toScale)
Scales an element
$radius is the radius value of the circle
public function translate($fromPoints, $toPoints)
Moves an element from given points to the target points.
$fromPoints and $toPoints are initial and target points.
public function skew($direction, $from, $to)
Skews an element in a given direction and amount.

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