PHP & SVG Based Animation Library

SVGDreams is a multilayer animation and graphic library.

The aim of this project is to integrate the power of SVG, PHP, databases, session and Javascript under a scalable architecture. This project aims to:
  • Generate SVG graphics and animations by PHP classes
  • Integrate SVG shapes and animations with AJAX layer.
  • Build a scalable and flexible communication channel between AJAX layer and SVG animations
Sadly, SVG and SVG animations are not supported in some browser versions. Please check SVG article in Wikipedia for more accurate information.

Our Achievements for Version 0.1.0

We had some achievements so far but we believe that there's a long way to go.
  • We have PHP classes for basic SVG shapes and animations.
  • The library is capable to send data to the ajax layer with parameters from shapes or animations
  • The library is capable to insert or update shapes and animations using the data sent from the AJAX layer.
  • The library is capable to handle keyboard requests and turn them into (1) movement, (2) new ajax requests and new responses
  • The library is capable to modify or work with a system clock.

Upcoming Achievements

For the upcoming versions, we'll try to achieve more capabilities.
  • This project will most likely have a "collusion detection" method soon.
  • It's probable that this project will have a "drag drop" and other mouseup-mousedown related features.
  • This project will most likely have a control over svg filters soon, including ajax interaction
  • We'll try to develop more accurate and orginized timing both in Javascript and PHP layers.
A simple animation of airplanes across the world.

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